Innovation for Practices that Round.

CodeHERO is a cloud-based, enterprise rounding solution for ambulatory and hospital-based specialty practices.It streamlines and optimizes clinical and billing workflows for inpatient and other out-of-office patient encounters.

All-in-One Rounding Solution

Integrated Charge Capture

Fast, efficient charge capture at the point of service reduces revenue leakage and improves practice revenue. Read more...

Care Team Coordination

Current accurate patient lists, facilitate faster sign-outs, and help providers get through rounds efficiently. Read more...

Revenue Cycle Optimization

Streamlines the billing workflow for all surgical services and rounding encounters. Read more...

Reporting and Analytics

Real-time access to insightful, actionable information improves clinical and financial results. Read more...

Customer Retention Rate

Increase in Practice Revenue

Decrease in claim prep time
Increase in Billing team productivity
Day reduction in A/R
Decrease in Revenue Leakage

Our Customers

See how CodeHERO helps practices improve clinical efficiency and financial performance.

More Customer Testimonials

“CodeHERO is the single best program we have found for multi-specialty billing in the hospital. The staff has been readily available and exceptionally accommodating/receptive to enhancing the user experience and adapting to our practice’s needs. Highly recommend this product.”
– Joshua Portnoy, MD, Colorado Pulmonary Intensivists – Read more…

“We knew we were not receiving charges for all patient encounters during rounding, especially on weekends. CodeHERO allows us to see every patient encounter during rounding and know which charges to expect. It has helped us optimize our billing workflow and establish performance standards for our billing team.”
Billie Jo Boniface, Administrator, Fall Hill Gastroenterology – Read more…

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