Census Management + Care Coordination

CodeHERO helps providers collaboratively manage their census, coordinate patient care and capture charges in a single easy to use interface.

Census Management Features

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    Hospital Consults

    Easily manage new patient consults, even on evenings and weekends

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    Accurate Patient Lists

    Providers alway know who they need to see and what care has been rendered

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    Integrated Charge Capture

    Eliminates paper billing slips, reduces charge lag

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    Individual and Team Rounding

    Allows for individual and shared patient lists for team based rounding

“Keeping an up to date hospital census is hard, especially for a practice like ours where multiple providers share patient care responsibilities. CodeHERO’s collaborative rounding lists allow me to instantly share clinical notes with cross covering providers. I spend more quality time with patients and less on hand-offs.”

John Boniface, Jr., MD, Fall Hill Gastroenterology

Care Coordination Features

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    Real-Time Collaboration and Communication

    Improves efficiency, enables better team coverage

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    Integrated Clinical Documents

    Improves covering provider efficiency

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    Integrated Care Notes and Instructions

    Shortens hand-offs, strengthens continuity of patient care

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    Improved Transition of Care Process

    Shortens and strengthens hand-offs/sign-outs, mitigates risk of medical errors

“Since we implemented CodeHERO, we have become more efficient rounding as a team. Given that we round at 7 facilities it was extremely time consuming to get updates on rounding status. However, now with CodeHERO we are able to get real time updates and mobilize physicians to help where needed with just a click of a button.”

Mahmoud S. Ghusson, MD FACC, President/CEO, Hamilton Cardiology Associates